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Are you frustrated, worried or overwhelmed with your color choices?

You are not alone! Millions of homeowners love color, but are afraid to use it. We guide clients in choosing by room color palates that inspire and transform their lives.

We use the “We Make Color Easy” program, the world’s only validated, color-based personality test that goes beyond random color selection.

We will help you discover the colors of your personality that match your life and home. To learn more, visit

We also offer Creative Custom Interior Painting
to help you complete your project.

Certified Dewey Color Consultation
(sûr-tə fīd  dōō-ē  kŭl'ər  kŏn'səl-tā'shən):

Our Certified Dewey Color Experts are trained to conduct in-home consultations
that recommend, by room, exact paint, fabric and accessory colors
without the fear of a color mismatch.

“Choose Your Colors, Change Your Life!”



“My designer is a Certified Dewey Color Consultant and used the Dewey Color System to help me determine the colors that I would be most comfortable with in my home. My problem was that I had chosen a paint color that didn’t work with my furniture and décor and it bothered me for years. Irene gave me the Dewey Color Test and then worked with me selecting colors that matched my personality, my existing furniture, wallpaper and accessories.”

Kathy Martin, CEO, Sanders Martin Consulting, LLC, Nampa, ID



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