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“I couldn’t let another day pass without letting you know how important the painting and redesign project is to me. I have a restful and serene home and office environment that is a full reflection of who I am and how I choose to live my life. As I look at every element (and I do this all the time) I see the things I love beautifully displayed and totally authentic to the environment I want to create in my home.


I’ve had a complete change in my attitude and satisfaction with my home. It is finally the place where I can regroup, relax and focus on the essential things in my full and busy life.

Thanks for the friendship, support, and talents that you bring to every project you undertake.”

Susannah Arnim, Human Resources Specialist, Meridian, ID



“Irene is a genius at interior design. She is knowledgeable, creative and very budget conscious. My husband and I both had homes before we married. We bought a house together and furnished it with all the clutter of our two previous houses. Nothing worked or looked right until Irene worked her magic. We now have a beautiful and comfortable home. She is truly gifted!”

Kathy Heidel, Corporate Accountant, Boise, ID



“We can’t thank you enough for the peace and order you have helped us achieve in our home. We found ourselves in transition from one move while trying to furnish both a home and a cabin using existing furniture pieces, all resulting in unbelievable chaos in our lives. Thankfully you were able to rescue us from the confusion. Your organizational skills, trained eye, and good sense of humor were invaluable to us.

By really listening to us and by assessing our needs, you were able to use our existing furnishings to weave a home environment which is better than we could ever have imagined. We are so happy with our comfortable, functional and peaceful living area. You do indeed have a gift. Again, thank you!”

Barbara Quist, Retired Administrator, Boise, ID



“My husband and I could not even believe our home! We absolutely loved it all, especially the colors and life you brought in our transformed dining room. We are so amazed it is really our house. Thank you again for all of your hard work on doing the interior redesign. We really love everything.”

Andrea Brekke, Teacher, Meridian, ID


“Another thank you regarding my home and the wonderful work you did today. I would have written sooner but I have been pinning pillowcases to the back of PJ’s to make Batman capes for the boys. They played in the playroom you redesigned when they got home and it is just wonderful. I am excited to sit and read in my room and just enjoy the romantic finished environment that exudes from the special touches you did. I was a little nervous and more afraid that things would be sort of the same with just better placement. You really “wowed” me. Through the years I have looked at some of the cool pieces I have purchased and just knew there was potential, but couldn’t figure out how to bring it all together. The work you accomplished today is truly amazing! I have already had one neighbor come over to see and gave her your card. She said she was definitely going to call. I just can’t believe what you two can do. Gary was quite surprised and said it exceeded his expectations.

Laura Lim, Homemaker, Eagle, ID



How can we say thank you enough for transforming our home into a warm, inviting, pleasant place to live and enjoy. You and Dan were so creative, hardworking, energetic, and sensitive to our needs and desires. Your eye for exactly the right colors is impeccable. And, most impressive is your knowledge of where to find just the "right thing" at a very inexpensive price. You can really work magic!”

Christine Bolwell and Dottie Caley, Retired Teacher & Administrator, Boise, ID



“WOWZA! Irene, Dan and Chris...What a fabulous team, not only are they a strong family, but they sure know their business of redesigning and color. I never thought color could change the feel of a room so much. It is not only amazing to see the transformation, but the science is fascinating. The combination of the Woodworth family, color and science are truly magical and inspirational.

I initially contacted Irene expecting a designer to come over and flip through her paint color wheels and tell me what color of ‘off white’ to paint a pale room. WHOA...was I wrong! First of all the room was for my teenage son, and the day before my sister-in-law and I found, what we thought to be a great comforter and curtains...Wrong again. Irene looked at it and gracefully held our hands and walked us from dreary to vibrant. She mentioned that perhaps a teenagers room should be a bit more vibrant. Later we laughed at how gray and dull the comforter and curtains were. Thankfully Irene set us straight. After Irene waved her magical wand, his room ended up youthful, vibrant and quit cozy. He loves his room and showing his friends. I would never have picked Brazilian Blue, Aqua Marina, Jet Blue and Bulls Eye Red (accent color - she will teach you about that...and more). I love the feel of going into my son’s bedroom. Irene made it so much fun and enjoyable. She is genius, talented, fun, compassionate, graceful, energetic, kind, intuitive, vibrant....goodness, I could go on forever. I think you get the idea. I now see the name of their business “Redesign Boise” in a different light. I now believe that Irene, Dan and Chris are truly going to Re-Design Boise one room at a time...”

Kristina Denning, Homemaker, Meridian, ID



Irene - Have I told you how much we LOVE our NEW house? You, Dan and Chris did such a marvelous job! The quality is unsurpassed. Dan and Chris are absolutely meticulous and boy does it show. We love our new colors!!!! And the redesign was the icing on the cake. Our drab and boring living room is now our favorite room. The family room and kitchen are spectacular. I just love getting up in the morning and coming out to look at those rooms. Plus, I look forward to going home from work to enjoy our new home. Your redesign was so wonderful. You really out did yourself and we were both so totally blown away by what you and Chris did in that ONE day. Anyway, thanks again. You are ONE-OF-A-KIND! Thanks again Irene. I wish you could see my face every time I walk in...”

Ann Rostock, Customer Service Banker, Boise, ID



I never realized how much better my home would look with paint colors. My furniture has come alive and looks brand new. It is so much more energizing and peaceful. My husband and daughter both commented on how much bigger our home looks. We all feel more relaxed in our home. I knew I had “good bones” but I did not know how to “pull it all together”. I had previously spent thousands of dollars buying brand new furniture, but I did not have the “Wow Factor” that I was hoping to achieve. It looks like a brand new home. It saved me a move and actually about $150,000.00 because normally I would just move to another house and start all over again. I finally feel like I can live here the rest of my life! My home was truly transformed after my color consultation and interior redesigned by Irene Woodworth at Redesign Boise.

I continue to give tours of my home to friends, neighbors and family members. They are all amazed at the difference of how the new warm paint colors and redesigns have changed our home. Even a recent visit from the plumber gave me an amazing positive reaction. People continue to be surprised and also notice our views through our windows and now appreciate the landscaping and our wonderful neighboring foothills which never happened before! It has truly been a treat for all of us.”

Kathy Brady, Account Executive, Surprise Valley, ID



“I was very nervous about picking paint colors for our home. I called Irene from Redesign Boise to come out for a color consultation. She made it easy and fun. I was able to go out and buy the paint knowing it would look great. We love it! We got just the look and feel we wanted and our existing furniture and painting look better than ever with the new paint job. (I cannot believe we lived with white dull color this long. I could not have done it without you.) I highly recommend Redesign Boise to everyone.

Steve and Debbie Shurte, Meridian, ID


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