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Would you like to give your home
a fresh and inviting new look
without buying anything new?

in•te•ri•or re•de•sign
(ĭn-tξr'ē-ər rē'dĭ-zīn'):
Repurpose, rearrange and refresh to improve
the appearance and function of your home.

This exciting experience is all about YOU!

• We discover your personality and style
• We celebrate, create and coordinate who you are with what you own.
• We give you a distinctive designer look for a fraction of the cost of traditional design.

Interior Redesign Consultation
We do an extensive interview to discover your lifestyle and needs. We then set an appointment to return to do an Interior Redesign on one or more rooms.

Other Services Include:

• Move In Redesign: Setting up a new home
• Downsizing: When you are moving into a smaller home
• Blending Households: Creating harmony in your new home



“Thank you for taking our tired rooms to warm, cozy and inviting spaces to spend time with family and friends. As you were fully aware, there was skepticism on how this was going to happen with just rearranging and borrowing pieces from other rooms. You found our treasures and featured them beautifully. Thank you again for all your hard work and friendship. Now when anyone comes to visit they can relax and enjoy our inviting and warm home. I just love it!”

Kathy Seim, Jewelry Specialist, Boise, ID



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